Catering Menu

Call to place order: 519-884-6969
48 hour notice on all orders larger than 50 people.


Antojitos   ---------------------------------- Starting at $2.59/person
(served with sour cream and jalapeno salsa)

Cheese Platter ---------------------------- Starting at $3.75/person
                                                                                   Small $29.99
                                                                                   Medium $44.99
                                                                                   Large $59.99

Fruit Platter   ------------------------------ Starting at $5.33/person
                                                                                    Small $42.64
                                                                                    Medium $63.96
                                                                                    Large $85.28

Hummus Dip with Pita   ------------------ Starting at $3.33/person
(homemade hummus dip and pita/naan bread)

Charcuterie Platter   ---------------------- Starting at $5.00/person
(assorted deli meats)

Tortilla Chips and Salsa  ------------------ Starting at $3.33/person
(served with homemade jalapeno salsa and sour cream)

Artichoke Dip and Vegetables  ----------- Starting at $3.33/person
(World asiago-artichoke cheese dip served with assorted vegetables)


(minimum order of 6 people)

Butternut Squash  ------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(butternut squash, cream, onion, celery and asiago cheese)

Curry Lentil  -------------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(green lentils, onions, celery, curry paste, curry and coconut milk)


(minimum order of 6 people)

Caesar  ------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)

Greek  -------------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)

Garden -------------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)

Trailblazer  -------------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)

Couscous  -------------------------------- Starting at $6.95/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)


Banana Bread Slice  ------------------- Starting at $1.99/person
Banana Bread Whole  ----------------- $7.99/loaf
(choose from: original, chocolate chip or walnut)

Scone ----------------------------------- Starting at $1.99/person
(choose from: blueberry or cheese)

Muffin ----------------------------------- Starting at $1.99/person
(choose from: banana, banana-chocolate chip, apple carrot walnut, or lemon blueberry)

Breakfast Wrap  ----------------------- Starting at $4.25/person
(bacon bits, eggs and cheddar cheese)

Yogurt Parfait  -------------------------- Starting at $4.00/person
(iceberg lettuce, homemade caesar dressing)

Bagel  ------------------------------------ Starting at $3.95/person
(choose from: original cream cheese, honey or fruit jam)

Shakshouka  ---------------------------- Starting at $6.20/person
                                                                + Add Bacon $2.00/person
                                                                + Add Sausage $2.00/person
(2 eggs cooked in homemade vegetarian tomato sauce, topped with asiago cheese and served with a side of toasted focaccia slices)

Breakfast Sandwich  ------------------ Starting at $5.45/person
                                                                + Add Bacon $2.00/person
                                                                + Add Sausage $2.00/person
(egg, smoked cheddar cheese, homemade pesto and cherry tomato slices on english muffin)

Breakfast Platter  ------------------ $40/serves 10
(an assortment of freshly baked goods - muffins, scones and croissants)


Lasagna  --------------------------------- Starting at $10.00/person
(homemade Bolognese, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese oven baked until crispy top)

Vegan Pasta ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
                                                              + Sub Gluten-Free Pasta $2.00/person
(homemade vegan tomato sauce with seasonal vegetables)

World Meatball Spaghetti -------------- Starting at $10.00/person
                                                              + Sub Gluten-Free Pasta $2.00/person
(homemade tomato sauce and beef meatballs)

Chicken Satay  -------------------------- Starting at $13.00/person
(chicken satay skewers with Thai peanut sauce served with a side of homemade ginger-lime salad)

Chickpea & Vegetable Curry ---------- Starting at $13.00/person
(chickpeas, red pepper, sweet potatoes and carrots slow simmered in a coconut curry sauce served with a side of steamed rice)

World Burger Steak -------------------- Starting at $12.00/person
(homemade burger patty topped with a house garlic-cream sauce, served with a side of ginger-lime salad)

Coconut Cream Pad Thai ------------- Starting at $13.00/person
                                                          + Add Chicken Breast $3.50/person

                                                          + Add Tiger Shrimp $4.00/person
(bok choy, broccoli, sliced red peppers, slivered carrots and sweet potato noodles tossed in a creamy coconut sauce based Pad Thai)

Korean Style Bulgogi -------------------- Starting at $14.00/person
(sweet sliced beef stir fried with seasonal vegetables served with steam rice, seasonal side dish and kimchi)


(HOT) BBQ Chicken  --------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(barbecued chicken breast, avocado slices, chipotle mayo, smoked provolone and pickled onions between two focaccia slices)

(HOT) Feta-Veggie ----------------------------- Starting at $9.00/person
(feta cheese, hummus spread, avocado, sweet pickles, mixed greens, tomato slice, red pepper and mayo on between two focaccia slices)

Prosciutto ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(thinly sliced prosciutto, monterey jack cheese on sourdough bread)

Rueben ----------------------------- Starting at $9.00/person
(sauerkraut, Montreal smoked meat, monterey jack cheese, chipotle mayo and mustard on sourdough bread)

Roast Beef ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(shaved roast beef, monterey jack cheese, lettuce, chipotle mayo and mustard on sourdough bread)

Roast Chicken ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(roast chicken salad and lettuce on sourdough bread)

Classic Tuna ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(tuna salad and lettuce on sourdough bread)

Egg Salad ----------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(egg salad on sourdough bread)

Turkey BLT  ------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(grilled bacon, smoked turkey, lettuce, chipotle mayo and monterey jack cheese on sourdough bread)

*World Sandwich ------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(favourite* | sliced smoke ham, monterey jack cheese, lettuce and honey mustard spread on sourdough bread)

Vegan-Avocado Wrap  -------------------Starting at $8.00/person
(avocado slices, grilled asparagus, mixed greens and hummus spread on tortilla wrap)

Vegetarian Wrap  ------------------------- Starting at $8.00/person
(avocado slices, grilled asparagus, mixed greens and homemade power spread on tortilla wrap)

Power Wrap  ------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, red peppers and homemade power spread on tortilla wrap)

Jerk Wrap (spicy) ------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, red peppers and spicy jerk spread on tortilla wrap)

Mermaid Wrap ------------------------- Starting at $11.00/person
(smoked salmon, sundried tomato-caper cream cheese and mixed greens wrapped in tortilla)

Sandwich Platter ------------------------- Starting at $80.00/platter | serves 10
(an assortment of 10 sandwiches from world sandwich selection)


Dessert Platter  --------------------------- Starting at $4.00/person
(an assortment of strawberry-rhubarb tart, apple-caramel-crumble tart, chocolate-fudge tart, peanut-fudge tart, caramel-nut tart, chocolate-pecan tart, maple-syrup-butter tart, carrot cake slices, date bars and brownies)


Drip Coffee  --------------------------- Starting at $2.00/person

Water Bottle  --------------------------- Starting at $1.00/person

Sparkling Water  --------------------------- Starting at $2.00/person

Canned Pop  --------------------------- Starting at $2.00/person
(coca-cola, sprite, nestea, and gingerale)

Small Juices  --------------------------- Starting at $2.00person
(an assortment of orange juice and apple juice)